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The mission of Kountry Kare is to offer all children a stimulating, playful first school experience and to provide them with the readiness skills they need to achieve - now, when they transition to kindergarten, and in the years to follow. Kountry Kare operates on the belief that all children and families have individual strengths and needs and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in a safe school environment.

We are licensed to provide care for children from infancy to 12 years of age. Our daycare concentrates on helping children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Our preschool is a well-defined program of goals for all our students. We provide a warm loving atmosphere, with an open door policy. Please feel free to come and visit anytime. Through all our programs the child is free to explore, a freedom that helps develop a positive attitude toward learning.

Preschool is geared to the needs of 3 to 5 year olds. We provide a well-balanced atmosphere of creative activities, large and small muscle equipment, science, music, art, reading, math concepts, and physical activities. We have energetic special programs including field trips, park picnics, and swimming, golfing, trips to the zoo and lots of other fun and informative outings. We encourage all of the children to sign up for and participate in our summer swimming lessons that run two weeks in June (School age children: 44” tall MSUB/pm lesson) and July (Beginners: 3 to School age children Oasis/am swim lesson).


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 8:30 - 11:30 am
4 to 5 year old group (must be 4 by September 10)

Activity Group:

Tuesday/Thursday - 8:30 - 11:00 am
3 to 4 year old group (potty trained and 3 by September 10)

Preschool and activity group follows the DST #37 with regards to days off and holidays. We have a Christmas program and Spring Graduation. We start the first Wednesday after Labor Day and end in April. We have a main teacher with an assistant in both classes. We invite all of our parents to become involved at our center and share their culture, language, customs, and job-related skills and volunteer their time.

“We at Kountry Kare are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for all our preschool children. Our goal is to enrich each child’s educational opportunities.”

Before & Afterschool Care

AM/PM School Age Children

Shepherd Bus
Pick Up 7:30
Drop Off 4:00 (Wednesday/Friday 3:00)

Pioneer Bus
Pick Up 8:00 (Friday 3:00)
Drop Off 4:00

Special Needs Bus Pick Up
(Sorry NO Huntley Project bus service)

Mandy J Berens: Owner/Director of Kountry Kare Inc.

Mandy holds a Montana Educator License with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She taught 4th grade for the Billings Public Schools for six years before teaching Preschool at Kountry Kare. She is an active member of the Montana Council Teachers of Mathematics, National Teachers of Mathematics, MEA-MFT, Montana Child Care Association, and is registered on the Montana Practitioner Registry with the Montana Early Childhood Project.

Kountry Kare is honored to have been selected to participate in the Montana Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Program Field Test. We are a STAR 2 facility.

We invite you all to visit at anytime, supporting an “Open Door” policy.

Proud Sponsor of the Shepherd Little League.